Gods & Goddesses: The Morrígan: Behind The Scenes

Friday saw the release of the BTS video Gods & Goddesses: The Morrígan: Behind The Scenes. This is a video I produced for the great photographer Joseph Richardson. The set is the second part of a series based on mythological gods and goddesses reenvisioned by Joseph and the art team he has assembled. The video provides a look into the setup and execution of the shoot. I shot the video on my NX200 using Samsung lenses and minimal camera support. I cut and colored it using Blackmagic Davinci Resolve. This was a bit of an experiment for me as I wanted to see how much I could actually cut in Resolve. I have to say, while there were some preliminary hassles involved with the new NLE, I got past them pretty quickly and was able to do pretty much everything I wanted to do. I had to import the titles as a rastor image, but that was pretty much the only shortcoming I found. All in all, I’m pretty impressed that a color grading system can meet my needs for an NLE.

Gods & Goddesses: The Morrígan

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